What is a Big Bi Fun Day?

Nov 2018 Update: Unfortunately the organiser can no longer run the Big Bi Fun Day, so it won’t happen any more unless someone (or a group of people) can take over. Could you be that person?

Find out more about how to get involved  >>here<<

The Big Bi Fun Day is a family friendly social event that happens every May for people who are attracted to more than one gender, their friends, family, partners, children, and allies.


The Friends Meeting House
16 Queens Road

It’s free! (But donations to help cover the cost of the event are most welcome.)

Need help with transport costs? We have a Travel Fund.

In previous years between 30-60 people have come along.

We have booked out all the downstairs rooms, although we won’t have exclusive use of the venue so  it will be a semi-public space.

What do people do at the event?

  • consume food and drinks (not alcohol!)
  • meet new people
  • catch up with friends
  • sit and chat
  • play board games
  • colour in
  • read
  • do crafts
  • bring fun things to share and do and most importantly…….help tidy up at the end!
The photo shows the view of The Friends Meeting House from the street. It looks a bit like a brown brick block of flats, except there is a notice board on the grass in front.

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