Could you take over the Big Bi Fun Day?

Could you take over the Big Bi Fun Day?

Back in 2010 Sanji created and ran the first ever Big Bi Fun Day and when they stepped down I took over the reins in 2015. After 3 years I’ve realised that now, sadly, is the time for me to move on to other things.

Leaving is no reflection of my enjoyment of organising the event. It has been a great honour and privilege to keep this piece of UK bi culture going and I have many wonderful memories from all of the afternoons I’ve spent in Leicester. Many of you will know that I have never even lived in that city myself! So hopefully that fact about me shows just how much I’ve loved doing this.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Sanji, Jen Yockney, Grant, and all those who have supported me with this for the past 3-4 years.

So who would like to run the Big Bi Fun Day after me?

Over the next 11 months you would need to:

  1. book the usual venue
  2. enjoy the rest of your summer and autumn
  3. promote throughout December – May
  4. turn up and run the event on the day

It’s ideal for people who want to do something for the bi community but don’t have much time or energy. I usually do about 90% of the work for Big Bi Fun Day on my laptop whilst wearing my pajamas in bed. Then I just show up in person on the day.

You would need to be someone who is:

  1. organised enough to update the twitter feed, website, and facebook group from time to time
  2. friendly enough to welcome all attendees on the day
  3. aware enough to keep including BAME members of the bi/pan community
  4. committed to making sure Big Bi Fun Day remains a safe space for all, including bis of colour and trans bis

I would give you a full handover and tell you everything you need to know. This is also a super easy event to run because a lot of attendees have been going since the beginning – so they just arrive and help set up without any prompting!

I’m putting this message out now so I could guide you through the entire period leading up to the next Big Bi Fun Day in May 2019 if you wanted.

Running this event will soak up some of your time, which is mostly spent on promoting it between March-May every year. But it’s been worthwhile and fun. It’s given a lot of people a good day out. It’s given a lot of people the rare opportunity to be in a bi majority space and reap the benefits that experience brings. And I’ve even put it on my CV and been offered jobs in part because of it.

There is enough money in the bank to run a Big Bi Fun Day so you wouldn’t be out of pocket. If you would like to take over or find out more please get in touch!


Thank you so much.

Hannah x




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