Help Needed!

Help Needed!

Click here: A person is needed to take over the Big Bi Fun Day. Could that be you?


The Big Bi Fun Day is being organised by one person from their bedroom whenever they have time after doing their day job. It’s all done for free. So any support you can give will be a great help. Here’s a few cool things you can do:

Spread the Word

This could be through conversation, posting a link to this website on social media, or by emailing a local LGBTQ+ related group in your area about the event and asking them to put it on their site/in their newsletter.

If you think anyone you know would be interested in the Big Bi Fun Day then please let them know about it!

Stuff You Can Do On the Day

  • offer a lift to someone else going from your area
  • bring food to share (please keep the packaging or bring a list of ingredients)
  • bring books, crafts, games or other activities
  • help clean up at the end of the afternoon
  • talk to people who don’t know anyone else there
  • make a (voluntary!) donation to help cover costs

Become an Event Volunteer

I’m looking for 2-3 people to help me run the event on the day. I will need you to arrive 20-30 minutes early to help set up. You can then enjoy the event as normal but you will be my eyes & ears and make sure things are running smoothly and that everyone is ok.

I will also give you a lanyard and name badge to wear so that if people have any problems or questions they know to turn to you. At the end of the event you will help clean up and pack everything away and I will say THANK YOU.

You don’t need any volunteering experience, but I will probably ask to chat to you on the phone first if I don’t know you. I will give you a full briefing before the day. If you are interested or would like to know more please email (replace the 8 with @)


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