The Big Bi Fun Day aims to be as accessible as possible for everyone who wants to come.

Access to the building is via a slightly sloped driveway, through a wide wooden gate, across concrete flags and through double doors. The Big Bi Fun Day will take place in rooms on the ground floor. There are no steps to the downstairs rooms and all downstairs rooms are wheelchair accessible and have Hearing Loops.

There is some limited parking on site, and cars and taxis can drop you off right next to the wooden gate leading into the garden.

The downstairs areas we will have use of are:

  • a gated garden and small patio
  • toilets (including a wheelchair accessible toilet)
  • a small kitchen with hot water, crockery, cutlery, sink, chopping boards
  • a carpeted room with tables and chairs with a view onto the garden
  • a wooden floored room with a view onto the garden
  • a wooden floored large library room

Food: We ask everyone to bring the list of ingredients or keep the packaging if they are bringing food so everyone can see what’s in it.

Drinks: No alcohol is allowed on site. Soy milk will be provided for hot drinks. As will decaffeinated coffee and herbal teas. All teas, coffees, and hot chocolate will be fair trade.

Social Anxiety: You can email/chat to someone before the event if that will help ( / change the 8 to @), so you will know someone before you go. Volunteers will be on hand throughout the event. They will give you warm welcome and can help introduce you to other people. There will be lots of things you can do such as colouring, juggling equipment, board games, reading books etc. so there is no pressure to socialise the whole time.

Noise: There won’t be any music playing during the event. There will also be a designated quiet room.

Bringing children? The double gate has a latch which stops smaller children from leaving the venue without an adult. There will be paper, colouring pens & pencils, and toys. You are welcome to bring your own! The garden area has a slide for small children and a spider net swing. There is lots of space to run around in the garden.

Toilets: There is a disabled toilet. The building has labelled the toilets male and female, but we will put signs up on the day to show attendees can use any toilet they want regardless of how they identify.

Have I missed anything? Please let me know and I will add it here!

Inclusion goes beyond the visible and obvious…

Different aspects of an environment affect different people. For example, one person may be lipreading, another can only eat certain foods, another may use a walking aid, and someone else might find noisy areas too difficult to be in.

Please try to be aware that people have different access needs, and these might not always be ones that the eye can see. It might involve something you’ve never heard of or thought about before.

Please email (changing the 8 to an @) if you have any questions regarding physical access to and within the venue, or with accessibility in general.


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