Big Bi Fun Day 2017

Big Bi Fun Day 2017

Saturday 13th May

There isn’t much to say really except that it was another lovely afternoon. There was a nice mix of regulars and first timers. People did the usual activities such as craft, play card and board games, catch up with friends, and the kids did a lot of running around.

Normally the weather during that second Saturday of the month is perfect but for the first time in the 4 years I’ve been attending we were faced with a little bit of rain! Thankfully it didn’t last long, and it didn’t cause any problems as we booked all 3 rooms downstairs so there was enough indoor space for everyone.

I’ve been trying to slowly expand the event and build on inclusiveness where I can. This year I put a pansexual flag on display. That will always be flying at Big Bi Fun Days alongside the bi flag from now on. I hope it will make pan people feel more welcome. I also got some copies of Purple Prose and Jennifer came along with their fabulous badges so there were things for people to buy too.

The photo shows the back yard and entrance to the Quaker Meeting House. A bi, pan, and rainbow heart flag have been draped from the drainpipes and are flapping merrily in the breeze.

Next year I need to take the event photo *before* I start packing up as this year most people had left by the time I got round to it!

About 15 people smiling for the camera! Those crouching at the front are holding a bi flag.

Thank you so much for everyone’s donations. You were all so generous. Not only did the event break even again this year but there was enough left over to pay the cost of hiring out the venue for 2018. You legends.

Some things I’d like to do for next year are:

– buy a trans flag and an ace flag to display
– get trans related leaflets for the resources table (sorry I haven’t had any before)
– find a way to fund transport for 3 BAME members of the bi community who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to come, to help increase diversity in the future

If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback, or complaints about the Big Bi Fun Day please let me know by emailing I’d love to hear from you.

Help support The Big Bi Fun Day

Help support The Big Bi Fun Day

This annual event is run entirely on donations. At the moment I pay the upfront costs out of my own pocket and then get refunded from those donations the following May. Any surplus is put towards the event costs for the following year, but if I don’t receive enough donations on the day of the Big Bi Fun Day then I lose that money for good.

Any gift you could give, no matter how big or small, would keep this valuable event running and help more people benefit from it in the future.

You can donate securely via PayPal by clicking  >>>>here<<<<.

What would the money be spent on?

  • venue hire
  • tea, coffee, and soft drinks for attendees
  • printing flyers to promote the event
  • event insurance
  • buying materials such as paper for crafting, toys for children to play with etc.

Why should I donate?

The Big Bi Fun Day is a really valuable event for the bi community. Every year people come from all over the UK to meet other people like them and gain friendship and support. There are very few LGBTQ+ events that welcome children. The fun day gives bi/pan parents the chance to meet each other whilst their children safely play!

Bisexuals face discrimination, abuse, erasure, and biphobia every day. They suffer from high rates of mental illness, self harm, intimate partner violence, and poverty – yet only a tiny fraction of funding for LGBTQ orgisations gets put towards bi specific projects, resources, and groups. Nearly everything is run by volunteers out of their own pockets.

Events like the Big Bi Fun Day provide a real boost to people’s lives and help offset the aforementioned hardships.

If you’ve been to the event and enjoyed it, or it’s helped you in some way, or you can’t come to the next one but want to show your support, or you’re a kind person who wants to help, please think about donating via PayPal. It makes a huge difference.

Thank You!


Bi Links & Resources

Bi Links & Resources

Feel free to recommend links for me to add. Thank You.

Bi Organisations

Bi Media

Bi Websites & Campaigns

Blogs on Bisexuality

Resources on How to Run a Bi Group

Bis of Colour

Other Useful Stuff

Other Useful Stuff

Feel free to recommend links for me to add. Thank You.

Ending Racism in LGBT+ Spaces

Coming soon!

Trans Links

Links for Religious LGBTQ+ People  


Coming soon!


Polyamory & Non-Monogamy

Sites That Cover Many Topics

Explaining Things



Do I have to be there exactly at 1pm or can I come later?
You can come any time from 1pm to 5pm and stay for as little or as long as you want.

Lost Property: I left something behind at the venue, will you post it to me?
We will do our best to gather any items left after the community cleans up at the end. People will have seven days in which to contact the organiser to regain their lost property. After seven days, any items will be either recycled, donated to charity or binned. If you need something to be posted to you, we may ask you to pay for postage first.

Will anyone be getting paid to organise and run the event?
No. Everyone who helps out will be an unpaid volunteer, even the organisers.

Got a question? Email
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