Event Details

Family Friendly

Children and families are welcome. It’s one of the reasons why this event was set up! The venue is fenced and gated with a double lock gate (inside and outside). The gate doesn’t open out onto a main road. There is sufficient space for children to play and you can bring children of any age.

The event itself is designed to be flexible so there won’t be any workshops. This means parents and guardians don’t need to worry about specific times they need to be in X room, or worry that people won’t want children there.

We expect any behaviour from attending adults to be suitable for this kind of event.

There won’t be a crèche so parents and guardians will be expected to be responsible for their children’s behaviour at all times. We won’t have sole use of the venue so strangers who aren’t part of our event may walk through every now and then.


The Big Bi Fun Day is not a catered event so please bring your own food or buy from nearby shops. There are cafes, delicatessens, one supermarket and various smaller shops within a 5 minutes’ walk.

Teabags, coffee, hot chocolate, cordial, semi-skimmed milk and soya milk will be provided in the kitchen. If you require any other drinks please bring your own. Hot and cold water is available.

If you would like to bring food to share, that would be appreciated (but is not obligatory). If you do bring food to share, please make sure it is fully labelled with all ingredients as there may be people with food allergies or intolerances.

The venue is generously providing cups, saucers, crockery and cutlery. It will be your responsibility to wash up and dry your crockery and cutlery after use. Washing up liquid and tea towels will be available for this purpose.

The photo shows the entrance to the venue. A bi flag and a rainbow flag decorate windows next to the door.


There won’t be any workshops. This is a social event and instead there will be Zones. Each Zone will have a sign on the door saying what it’s for. For example, a craft/activities area or a quiet area.

Big Bi Fun Day organisers can’t provide many materials so please bring some craft things, games, books etc. with you. The more people who bring things, the wider the range of activities.

All we would ask is that you take responsibility for anything you bring. So if you bring a board game, please make sure it is suitable for the event and that you take it home again with you afterwards.

Examples of things you could bring or do to contribute to a zone include:

  • bringing books
  • showing how to use poi
  • making a model
  • explaining how to crochet
  • running a game of Werewolf
  • bringing board games
  • talking to other people. This is a great chance for you to get to meet new people as well as catch up with old friends.

We are expected to keep the floor clean so if anyone would like to do any kind of gluing or painting activity please bring newspapers or an old sheet to cover the floor!

There is a large garden. This would be the “Active” zone where people could play with skipping ropes, bean bags, poi or just relax on the grass. Activities will depend on what you bring with you and how many people there are. We hope there will be good weather to make full use of the garden (as there was last year).

We have permission to chalk on the concrete for things like hopscotch or art work however we would need to scrub the floor clean again afterwards.


The venue does not have a cleaner as everyone who uses the venue is expected to tidy up after themselves. Last year it didn’t take long to do at all and everyone helped out – including the children!

Everyone who comes to Big Bi Fun Day will need to tidy up after themselves. Whilst it might sound obvious, this includes putting your litter in the bin and washing and drying up your crockery and cutlery after use. You won’t need to bring any cleaning equipment with you.

We will also need some help for general tidying and cleaning such as:

  • putting chairs and tables away
  • putting craft equipment back into boxes
  • sweeping and mopping.

If you can spare 10 minutes at the end, your help will make a big task into a small one!


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